The United States will upgrade the MH-60R helicopter for Australia

Australia seeks upgrade program for MH-60R helos
Australia has gained State Department approval for the possible purchase from the United States for an upgrade program for its MH-60R Multi-Mission Helicopters.
The sale, announced Thursday, would be through the Foreign Military Sales program and carries a value of an estimated $360 million.
“The proposed upgrades to the MH-60R helicopters will improve Australia’s anti-submarine and surface warfare capability, provide an improved search-and-rescue capability, enhance its anti-ship surveillance capability, and will help it carry out international commitments for transport, surveillance, and search-and-rescue operations with the United States and other allies,” the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency said in a press release.

The proposed sales package would be a 10-year follow on case for upgrade of 24 MH-60R helicopters. It would include training devices, spare and repair parts, support and test equipment, engineering and technical services, logistics support.

U.S. government and contractor engineering, and engineering services are also included in the sale.
Principal contractors for the deal would be Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company, and Lockheed Martin itself.

AsBAA Hosts Industry Leaders at Second CEO Series Luncheon

AsBAA, the Asian region’s non-for-profit representative trade body for business aviation hosted 55 of the industry’s leaders at its second CEO Series luncheon on 1st September at the Hong Kong Aviation Club, Kai Tak, Hong Kong. The theme of the event, “Can Hong Kong General Aviation Flourish Again?” included speeches from Mr. Andrew Tse, Principal Aviation Consultant, X Air Limited, helicopter operations and government affairs expert and Mr. Luo Gang, CEO of Airbus’ new Innovation Centre in China.

Mr. Andrew Tse delivered a keynote presentation looking at the statistics surrounding general aviation in Greater China since the 1980s, in the context of its historic growth and later challenges. He said, “Hong Kong’s significant head start over its neighbours is an advantage borne out of a centenary of aviation here. However, this could now be superseded by other regional hubs in Asia. Business and general aviation requires drive, innovation and determination to thrive. If we are prepared to collaborate through AsBAA, we can prevent Hong Kong’s aviation sector from decline”.

AsBAA also hosted Mr. Luo Gang who spoke about the need for innovation to be supported in business and general aviation. He said, “Airbus believes that a commitment to innovation will remain vital as the business aviation landscape grows and evolves in Greater China. Through non-profit associations such as AsBAA, we can collectively promote innovation and education in the industry, protecting its future for generations to come.”

AsBAA Chairperson, Jenny Lau said, “Collaboration and cooperation as a collective force will be the key to success in protecting and advancing our industry. AsBAA has created the CEO Series as a space for leaders to work together on issues that prevent growth. We are proud to see such great support from the industry today and thank all of the leaders for attending”.

Take a helicopter tour of Chengdu, the first flight in the year

A helicopter tour in Chengdu, another perspective feel the changes in the city change rapidly; hold a romantic wedding helicopter, in the blue sky above, make the vows of love; the implementation of medical rescue helicopter, Easy Access on life…… These tall on the activities in the city will soon become a reality, the reporter learned yesterday from Jinniu District, is located in the North Central Business District in the shipping industry complex building has been completed all navigation, there is acceptance of the final stage, this year the first flight of the project will be based on the navigation industry blue ocean, vigorously develop the top business, air rescue and tourism.
Yesterday, the reporters came to the avenue twelve Bridge Road, saw a hundred meters high buildings stand tall, scaffolding outside the building has been removed, just installed on the blue glass curtain wall in the sun shine. Take the elevator to the roof, with a diameter of 27 meters above the tarmac perfect, stop line, safety line of eye-catching, lined navigation lights, warning lights, contour lights, side wind instrument, wind instrument also began to work, the wind, the wind speed and wind direction, air temperature, air pressure and visibility all kinds of real-time data transmission to the apron control room.
Standing on the apron, a large list of small mountain feel, panoramic view of the city, the distant mountains of Longquan clearly visible. Sichuan Gangtai General Aviation Corporation general manager Lv Zeting proudly told reporters, this high-rise apron to invest 6 million yuan, hundreds of tons of steel, can stop the maximum takeoff weight of 13 tons of large helicopter. As of now, the apron formalities have been completed, can legally take-off aircraft, since the end of the year, building a comprehensive navigation apron with all enabled, Chengdu residents can take a helicopter tour of Chengdu scenic spot in the air, overlooking the different style of Chengdu; building two navigation can also assist near Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital, Affiliated Hospital of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital three do air medical rescue; or relying on scarce downtown location, provide an important and urgent business flight.
Next to the tarmac, a long, curved slope caught the attention of the press. Lv Zeting told reporters that this is the medical rescue channel, with a stretcher helicopter will be delivered to the elevator to the ground through the slope, and then through the emergency ambulance transport to the province near the hospital or the Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine operation room, to shorten the maximum rescue time, to ensure the timely treatment of critically ill patients. “This is also our choice to settle down twelve bridge road is an important reason.”
As the shipping industry complex, kongtide navigation building a total investment of more than 813 million yuan, the construction of a set of helipad, CEO air club, hotel, five star standard high-end business office, experiential business is one of the new city complex. Project building industry positioning to general aviation, tourism, the film mainly has introduced the domestic and international first-class enterprise cooperation. After the completion of the project, it will become an international one-stop general aviation business service center.” Lv Zeting said that the 1-6 floor of the building planning for financial institutions, aviation exhibition hall, children’s aviation science museum, coffee Western restaurant, high-end catering, conference facilities and other formats, Quanjude brand main store will be settled. 7-11 layer for Grade A office space will accommodate the navigation research and development enterprises, operators, and navigation equipment suppliers, aircraft materials trading company, aircraft, aviation, high-end clubs hosting company etc.. Listed group – Beijing’s first brigade built in Chengdu’s first five star luxury hotel, will be settled on the 12 floor, -25 building.

Burma military denies helicopter crossing Bangladesh

Beijing in September 7 Xinhua comprehensive Xinhua news agency in Yangon, Dhaka reporters: according to Burma on the day before the military of Bangladesh border invasion Meng airspace protest, Burma 6 military issued a statement on the border incident denied.
Bangladesh’s Foreign Ministry issued a protest letter to the Embassy in Burma on 1, saying the Burmese military helicopters invaded Bangladesh airspace on August 27th, 28 and September 1st respectively. The letter said that the Burmese helicopters’ violation of Bangladesh airspace was not conducive to friendly relations between the two countries, and could lead to unexpected conditions. Bangladesh requested Myanmar to take urgent measures to avoid such incidents.
Burma military 6 issued a statement that, for the Bangladesh side protest letter mentioned, the Burmese Air Force 1 investigation. After checking the helicopter GPS trajectory, in August 27th and September 1st, Burma helicopters were flying or taking off and landing only a few hundred meters from the boundary of Bangladesh, and in August 28th there were no helicopters flying near the border.
Burma state since August 25th many incidents of terrorist attacks, causing the death of hundreds of people. After the attack and siege operations led to a large number of local Burmese Rohingya people flocked to the Bangladesh side by the Myanmar border. The government of Burma announced the day before, the police force should request reinforcements, Burma Army helicopters have been involved in the search for terrorists and transport transfer casualties and local civilians in the local.

It has fallen 19! India air force helicopter crashed in border of China and India

Famous for “throwing machines”, the ALH helicopter in India has gone wrong again! India air force plane ALH Polaris helicopter 5 in the border area of Ladakh shortly after takeoff crashed, fortunately for the army’s third infantry division commander and commander of the 14 army in the immediate escape by helicopter after the helicopter crashed, did not lead to accidental death, only part of the staff was injured, but also bring fresh attention to safety the helicopter.
According to “India times” reported that 2 flight army general officers accompanied by a helicopter at the altitude of 4876 meters from the eastern Ladakh, did not expect the helicopter just from the airfield just off less than 2 minutes the plane crashed, sources said the pilot in after takeoff report “tail lost control”, the India pilot said. The mountain is almost in the ceiling limit of ALH helicopter, said “even a breeze can cause accidents, the military has carried out an investigation on the cause of this accident.
The accident of the Polaris helicopter is by India Airlines Stan (HAL) developed in Germany under the assistance of the ducted fan of the twin multi-purpose light helicopter, in 1970s began to replace the service, frequent accident “India leopard” helicopter, but the Polaris helicopter service so far cause more problems, has caused 19 accidents, even exported to Ecuador 7 Polaris helicopters in 3 years also fell 4, to Ecuador announced to stop the purchase of helicopters from India.
The same is the high accident by the India Stan made “India leopard” helicopter rate is known before the North Star “service, the Indian army used this single engine light helicopter, although the aircraft has altitude record of more than 12 thousand meters, but poor safety record has to let the India army wife composition the protest group, asked the military grounded” India panther and the same manufacturer made the “cheetah” helicopter, because two helicopters in the past 20 years a total fell 191, resulting in 294 officers were killed, a widow maker with the Indian army “.
“India leopard” helicopter in 2015 and nearly to today’s India army chief of staff Lavater (Bipin Rawat) died in northeastern India in Nagaland, Lavater survived after India’s military is therefore ordered the ban, more than 2 senior generals in the high altitude area on the same single engine helicopter, with crash risk.
India domestic helicopter high crash rate to the outside world for many years outside criticism, directed at the manufacturer India Stan airlines, that would have retired old and new types of helicopters can’t retire, and not enough to replace the military production, coupled with the new development of the Polaris helicopter accident frequently, but it still can not stop India’s military on this type of “love”, in March this year to Hindustan Petroleum Corporation out of a total of up to 80 billion rupees order, an additional 32 aircraft Polaris helicopters, raising questions of this procurement transactions may be behind the scenes.
In addition, although Hindustan Petroleum Corporation made homemade helicopter problems constantly, but last week still rumored that the company led the development of 11 years of LCH light combat helicopter finally put into production, and has obtained the India land and air forces of 179 orders, is expected next year to the helicopter fielded in the India air force, once more to the outside of the “crash” concerns model.

Explore the new path of professional strength construction for police drones

With the breakthrough and development of information, material and control technology, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is more and more used in police combat. Weihai City Public Security Bureau police detachment in the second half of 2013 the police launched UAV equipment research and development, successfully developed a number of models of multi rotor and fixed wing UAV, and widely used in terror at the sudden, security, rescue, investigation, prevention and control and fire control work, after the first 2014 year 2016 and won the first prize Shandong public security science and technology progress award application technology and the two prize, police aviation 3D image detection system of Shandong public security reform and innovation competition won the silver award.
They start from the police UAV research and technology breakthrough, focusing on electric drive, high collocation, offensive and defensive police UAV equipment system, including building a moderate size, balanced performance and extensive use of multi rotor aircraft, to meet the needs of the majority of the basic combat task; build a model with vertical takeoff and landing capability of fixed wing UAV, to enhance the ability of long distance and large range, long time investigation; no other R & D equipment man-machine technology extends applications, such as anti UAV electronic jammers etc.. At the same time, to study and master air panorama, aerial photogrammetry, 3D digital modeling software technology, the police UAV can from the image acquisition, and other basic mechanical mount applications, extending to the deep space geographic information integrated application.
UAVs can only form combat effectiveness only when they are closely integrated with police combat. Weihai City Public Security Bureau will be unmanned aerial vehicle R & D results into the grassroots combat in real time, to the utmost close to police combat. They avoid the UAV air superiority complex terrain using the police quickly arrived, disasters and accidents, emergency center area, the scene image is transferred to the ground command center, to provide real-time, accurate and comprehensive information support for decision-making. Strengthen the three-dimensional monitoring and evidence collection, especially in the complex and violent mass incidents scene, dynamic collection of fixed evidence in the air, as an effective complement to traditional means of evidence collection. Strengthen the Aircruise Beiqin through space, real-time docking, the traditional “flat” service way of “three-dimensional” upgrade, improve the key parts of large event security, patrol, traffic grooming and work efficiency.
Weihai City Public Security Bureau in the special patrol departments set up special police air force, according to the “built in the special patrol, with the basic idea in the country, city services”, built in the grass-roots unit of UAV patrol cloth, be responsible for routine missions and specific functions within their respective jurisdictions; the formation of UAV in the professional team patrol detachment, responsible for the city’s special patrol UAV work guidance, and take flight tasks within the city’s higher standards, greater difficulty. At present, the city, District, two special patrol drones professional strength has reached ten people, the total number of UAVs deployed missions hundreds of times, playing an increasingly important role in police combat.

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